Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a gentle mind-body technique that helps provide quick relief from the effects of unresolved stress in the body.

While emotions are an essential part of life, a stressful emotional experience can become “stuck” in our body when we are unable to process and “let go” of them. Scientists recognize that negative emotions can cause neurological imbalances in the body, and make you vulnerable to physical and behavioural conditions.

NET is a safe and effective tool that can help improve many stress-related health problems by finding and releasing unresolved emotional stress patterns. These include:

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Background concepts & dynamics of NET

Latest scientific validation of NET (from “ONE Research Foundation”)


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➤ Does everyone have stuck emotional patterns?

YES. While our emotions bring richness to our lives, they often don’t fully resolve on their own. When this occurs, their residual charge can affect our health negatively, and affect our relationships and sabotage our success.

➤ Can NET be used with Naturopathic Medicine?

YES. Dr. Tam, ND believes optimal health requires balance between the physical, biochemical and emotional layers of health. NET is a mind-body technique that Dr. Tam, ND integrates with Naturopathic therapies to effectively address the stress-related component of health challenges.

➤ Does NET deal with the spiritual realm?

NO. NET does not in any way deal with parapsychology. Manual muscle testing is always used to measure a physiological response to a physical or auditory stimulus. It is never a “true / false” indicator. It does not predict the future or tell people what they should do.

➤ Does NET take the place of psychotherapy?

NO. NET is not psychology or psychiatry, and it does not take the place of counseling or psychotherapy. Rest assured that Dr. Tam, ND will make appropriate referrals as necessary.