“All disease begins in the gut.”
— Hippocrates

A healthy digestive system is one of the key foundations for optimal health and functioning in the body. Not only does the digestive tract break down, absorb and process food that becomes important nutrients that fuels every cell in our body
It is also home to about 60% of our immune system cells!

Digestive complaints are increasingly common, and recurrent digestive problems can deplete proper nutrients and give rise to a wide variety of chronic health concerns.

Digestive concerns that can be treated:

Digestive problems can present in many different ways. Some common digestion-related conditions that Dr. Tam, ND treats, with a high rate of success include:


Common root factors that can compromise digestion:

  • Hidden food sensitivities
  • Poor diet
    (ie. nutrient deficient, high in sugars, refined flours,
    processed foods & inflammatory fats)
  • Diet-induced inflammation
  • Mental-emotional stress
  • Dysbiosis (gut bacteria imbalances)
  • Medication side-effects
    (ie. aspirin, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs)

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How does a Naturopathic Doctor treat digestive concerns?

Dr. Tam, ND can help you identify the root causes of your digestive concerns and implement targeted natural therapies to restore your digestion. Some of these treatments include:

  • Identify & remove food sensitivities
  • Dietary & lifestyle interventions
  • Correct nutrient deficiencies
  • Herbal & homeopathic remedies
  • Repair gut lining integrity
  • Feed the healthy gut bacteria
  • Treat yeast or bacterial infections
  • Rebalance hormones (hormones are greatly affected by abnormal bacteria)
  • IgG food sensitivity testing (Identify & remove potential food triggers)
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis testing (to assess stool parameters)

Digestive health is very important for maintaining optimal health and to prevent many chronic diseases!

There could be multiple layers to your digestive health that need to be addressed. Dr. Tam, ND will work with you to strategically address the obstacles to your digestion and restore balance.

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