Herbal medicine is the use of plants with medicinal properties to balance and strengthen the systems of the body. This powerful form of medicine has been utilized for thousands of years by many cultures around the globe, and is in fact the origin of many pharmaceutical medications today.

The flower, roots, leaves, bark or oils of a plant may be used in a remedy, and herbal preparations are commonly used in the form of tincures (liquid extracts), teas, tablets, ointments, essential oils and foods.

A common misconception is that herbs are “natural and therefore safe”. Although natural, herbs can be harmful if used improperly or when combined inappropriately with certain pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, adverse effects have been reported from the use of contaminated herbal supplements.

Please do not self-medicate with herbs!
Dr. Tam, ND has been trained in pharmacology and drug-herb interactions. She will ensure that any herbs prescribed will not interact with any medications you are taking, and will only recommend high quality herbal products from trusted companies that meet professional standards.