Lean Living Healthy Weight Program

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Tried everything but still struggling to shed those few extra pounds?

Do you want to get in shape or better manage your diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure?

Do you want to lose weight naturally?


I believe that the journey towards successful and sustainable weight loss is not only dependent on healthy eating and exercise, but is also attributed to a combination of underlying factors including: metabolism, hormone balance, body type, toxic burden, lifestyle choices, emotional health, genetics, and the overall health and function of an individual’s organ systems.

Hence I have created a comprehensive and holistic weight management program that will focus on addressing all of these underlying factors to help you lose fat, feel your best, achieve a healthier body composition, and reduce associated health risks like high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Lean Living Program is a safe, effective and medically supervised program. Through one-on-one consultations with Dr. Freda Tam, ND, you will be empowered with personalized natural solutions to tackle your individual barriers to weight loss and achieve sustainable results. This is absolutely NOT a fad diet!


We utilize a strategic combination of:

  • A personalized diet plan with recipes tailored to your specific body composition and health goals
  • Educational tools to help you understand the factors contributing to your weight & empower you to care for your health
  • Supplemental nutrients, herbal & homeopathic medicines to assist fat breakdown, optimize fat-burning hormones, eliminate toxins & stabilize blood sugars
  • Body & ear acupuncture to support metabolism, overcome food cravings & reduce stress
  • Exercise & mind-body techniques to burn fat and maintain muscle mass & promote relaxation


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The Lean Living Healthy Weight Program consists of:

  • 1 x Initial naturopathic consultation – (required for new patients) to complete assessment, physical exam, and to get you started on the program.


  • This will be followed by your choice of the 2 months or 3 months program package . Each month will include two follow-up consultations (up to 45 mins) to track your progress and provide continual motivation and support on your journey. Acupuncture treatments will be implemented, and you will be empowered with new tools & techniques to help you overcome any challenges to achieve long-term success.

**Please contact me for program details or to book a Free 15 minute consultation to see if the Lean Living Program is right for you. 


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