Pain Management Program

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Pain pain go away! Please don't come back another day...

The experience of pain varies for everyone. But for most people, dealing with acute or chronic and recurrent pain can be quite debilitating and emotionally taxing; it interferes with our daily functioning and gets in the way of fully enjoying the activities we love.

There are often many underlying factors that contribute to pain and delayed healing, including excessive or uncontrolled inflammation, tissue degeneration, structural imbalances, hyperacidity, and toxin accumulation. Hence the treatment of pain requires careful assessment and a comprehensive approach.

The Pain Management Program offers natural and comprehensive solutions to effectively treat pain and promote sustained recovery. It targets the source of pain and brings healing to the affected tissues.

This program integrates Mesotherapy & Biopuncture treatments with Acupuncture techniques and personalized Naturopathic protocols to help you live pain free.



What makes this Pain Management Program unique & effective?

  • Detailed assessment to uncover the underlying factors that are contributing to your pain.
  • Mesotherapy & Biopuncture treatments are paired with personalized naturopathic strategies (may include nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, and physical modifications) to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments. 
  • Pain reduction and improved mobility is often experienced immediately or within 3 hours of treatment.


Please contact me to discover how you can get started on your journey to living pain free.  Book your complimentary 15 min introductory meeting with Dr. Freda Tam ND to learn if the Pain Management Program can help you resolve your pain.

What is Pain Management Mesotherapy & Biopuncture?

Mesotherapy is a therapeutic and minimally invasive procedure developed by French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952. It is extensively practiced in Europe to treat acute and chronic pain, as well as for aesthetic concerns, and a variety of medical conditions. It employs multiple micro-injections of natural substances into the superficial dermal layer of the skin, in specific locations depending on its purpose.

Pain Management Mesotherapy delivers selected homeopathic medicines directly into pain-affected areas and classical acupuncture points, allowing the medicines to distribute through the underlying muscles, tendons and joints in a time-release fashion. Combined with the benefits of traditional acupuncture, the injected medicines help resolve the vicious cycle of pain by modulating the inflammatory response and degenerative processes, accelerating tissue and cellular repair, and stimulating the body's own healing process

Biopuncture is an injection therapy very similar to Mesotherapy, where natural medicines are injected under the skin, or into muscles and traditional acupuncture points to promote healing and restore function. It was developed by doctors in Belgium and Germany, and has been used successfully for treating injuries and chronic pain. 

**Biopuncture was recently featured on the "Dr. Oz Show" for the treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries.  Follow the links below to watch the interview with Dr. Lee Wolfer, MD, a leading Biopuncture practitioner who specializes in joint & spinal pain:  Part 1  |  Part 2   

Mesotherapy & Biopuncture provides excellent results. Dr. Freda Tam, ND often combines the two techniques to promote better function, improved quality of life, and manage both the symptoms and root of pain. Both therapies can be effectively used in conjunction with Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic care & conventional medical treatments.

Treatment:  Most patients will require treatment once or twice a week, for a duration of 3 – 4 session, followed by less frequent maintenance treatments. Most patients will experience improvement in pain and range of motion within 3 hours of the first treatment; however the best results are usually experienced after the second or third session.


**Please contact me for program details or to book a Free 15 minute consultation to see if the Pain Management Program is right for you.   

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